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    S.F Tower
    65/3, Kadamtola, Bashabo
    76/1, Maniknagar
    Momota Center
    48, 49, Kakrail
    3/2 South Mugda
    Ahmed Castle
    64/1-3, Satis Sarker Road, Gandaria
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  I hereby declare that the information been furnished by me herein is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further declare that I have gone through the prospectus, including the terms and conditions of Sale/allotment and the specification of the project and accept the same. I have agreed to make full payment for the apartment/allotment of the space and otgher dues before taking possession of the said apartment/allotment of the space. I have also agreed to become a member of the owners co-operative society and abide by the rules and regulations framed by the society. I have understood & agreed that in case of my failure to pay the down payment on the stipulated date, then the apartment/the allotment of the said space will stand automatically cancel and the booking money will be forfeited in full, the company will have the sole liberty to sell out the said apartment/allotment of the space to any body as desire.
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