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    S.F Tower
    65/3, Kadamtola, Bashabo
    76/1, Maniknagar
    Momota Center
    48, 49, Kakrail
    3/2 South Mugda
    Ahmed Castle
    64/1-3, Satis Sarker Road, Gandaria

We Also Build Careers

At BHL, we deem in building careers. We acquire enchantment in hiring the best talent and proffer our workforce the preeminent resources and training to heighten their skill. Our employees are our support, the bits and pieces to this large structure called BHL.

Our Work Culture

BHL is identical with a elevated performance and skilled work philosophy. We accept as true that a high performance culture make certain and promote contributions at all levels. Such a tradition encourage learning and release access of swift treak development for high performers. At BHL, employees are dedicted and obtain pride in a filexible, diverse, and open environment surrounded by a well-managed business. A poise between the professional and personal is encouraged as are teamwork, responsibility and uninterrupted enhancement.

Our people

To build up a high performance culture we provide work for professionals how repose confidence in themselves, in their potency, in their qualifications; who get across a constructive approach and talent; who are prepared to broaden themselves toaccomplish goal; and who are fair-spirited team players. We believe in providing challenging work to smart, inventive people focused on adding value to our coustomes and contributing to the company’s achievement.

We Believe

We are devoted to empowering our employees and persuade originality and entrepreneurship in a harmonious, comfortable environment that harbors mutual respect. We also believe that remuneration ought to be proportionate with effort. Therefore, we offer competitive salaries and excellent rewards and benefits in acknowledgement and appreciation of contributions to the company’s success. At BHL, we don’t just create international standard landmarks. We also build careers.

What BHL Offers

  • Challenging work with smart and innovative people, Forced on adding value to our customers and contributing to the company’s success
  • A flexible, diverse, and open environment within a well-managed business where people are committed and engaged.
  • An environment that thrives on teamwork, accountability and continuous improvement.
  • A balance between work and personal life.
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