About Us

In 1998, when our first quality home Sky View Tower was built by, Mr. Dr. Nuruzzaman, the Chairman, & Mr. N. Zoha, the Managing Director of Sky View Foundation Ltd., started a revolution. A revolution that redefined the home-building industry. And since, they have constructed residential and commercial buildings. Within these twenty years of experience, Mr. Dr. Nuruzzaman, & Mr. N. Zoha has become a trademark for optimum and innovative usage of space and high quality construction, bringing pride and joy into every home they builds.

Our Promise

Throughout our history, Sky View Foundation Ltd. has consistently adhered to basic business principles keeping costs under control; Stress on quality and timely completion; Strict adherence to regulations and guidelines of government agencies and other local bodies and total commitment to client satisfaction. We know that the most important house we'll ever build, is yours. At Sky View Foundation Ltd., we build each home with pride like its our home.

People behind Sky View Foundation limited

From the beginning, Sky View Foundation Ltd. was built on a foundation of strength. Led by Mr. Dr. Nuruzzaman, & Mr. N Zoha who possesses many years of business success and a passion for outstanding performance. Managed by a team of seasoned, experienced professionals, leading authorities in their field. We set specific goals for performance meeting the challenges of a very competitive market.

The only things we build better than our buildings are our relationships

Mr. Dr. Nuruzzaman, & Mr. N Zoha envisioned community buildings and not just apartments. In building lasting relationships and not just homes. And in this effort to develop harmonious and happy community life. Some of the community homes have meditation centers, exercise centers to help keep the body and mind fit. Play area for children. In every community hall in order to promote and encourage camaraderie and friendship.